Summer is finally here. The challenge is, how do I keep my children occupied for more than five minutes? I am always searching for new and fun ways to keep them engaged and their imaginations active.

I stumbled upon Supernow and it’s been a game-changer in our home. Supernow is essentially a monthly box that contains four distinct activities that must be completed to finish the mission. They can do one activity per week or go at their own pace. For my children, this was the case. They were so eager to complete the activities that they finished in two weeks. The boxes come with all the supplies to make each project which made the whole process stress free. Plus, there are instructional videos to help guide each mission, so parents don’t have to. The missions are designed to target specific age groups. My kids enjoyed tracking their process and were engaged much longer than I anticipated. Overall, this was a win for me.

Photo by Jessica Hall

My kids are so obsessed with bubbles, specifically mega-sized ones. I found South Beach Bubbles, and the kids absolutely loved them. They were able to make gigantic bubbles which they thought were amazing. The brand has themed kits, like space, and my daughter’s favorite, the unicorn. Usually, with regular bubbles, they are done in minutes. However, these are so big that my kids were in awe. So was the dog! This powdered bubble solution is also non-toxic and safe to use, so no worries there. Grab a bucket, add some water, and you are good to go.

I really enjoy finding things for my kids to do outdoors. I discovered iPlay, iLearn and they do not disappoint. They have a plethora of toys but I personally was looking for toys relating to sports. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for. I love to golf so I ordered a golf toy set that my kids have so much fun with. Better yet, we can all practice together which is a great way to get in some family time. My son, who recently began t-ball, is obsessed with the automatic pitching machine. They really do have something for everyone.

When buying toys, I primarily look for things that can spark my children’s imagination. I was pleasantly surprised when I found Little Partners. Founded by a former teacher, these toys enable kids to nurture their growing independence. They make a learning tower which luckily our family already had. This is a multi-purpose product and I could not live without it. My kids’ favorite is the Popcorn and Puppet Show. It goes directly over the learning tower and has an open side for a puppet show as well as a side to sell popcorn. This not only encourages my kids to play together but to also be imaginative and create a show. I love sitting down and seeing what my kids have created and how happy they are to show me.

Look, it isn’t easy coming up with activities to keep your kids off of screens and in the moment. These toys have really helped me out without being too difficult to figure out or too much on my wallet. After all, summer is a great time to let loose, enjoy the outdoors, and have lots of fun.

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